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Matthew 11:5 (KJV) 5The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them.

HI Gang! I just want to ask all our faithful warriors to help me.  If you see these requests get more than a few days old please e-mail me and remind me to update them.  With all the is going on at His Will Ministry I sometimes get side tracked.  God Bless Pastor A. J.
Hi sis, can you add one of the women I work with to the daily prayer. Her son was in a fight four kids jumped him so he threw the first punch knock the kid out he split his head on the sidewalk and blood came out his ears. The boy also needs prayer. He was in a coma four days, now he is awake and non-responsive. They are charging her son he may get 2 years to 24 years in prison he is 18 years old. The four boys told him they were going to kill him and gut him like a fish, that is why he hit the boy so hard in fear of his own life. Thank you, Love Deb
Dear Mary
I just thought I would up date you with my brother Charlie's progress. He has just had his 3rd chemo infusion and his medical team are very pleased with him within his set of circumstances.. he is receiving one of the most toxic chemo treatments as his cancer is such an agressive strain. He is surrounded by his family as everyone is back for the summer. He is signed off work.. which is hard for him as he has a strong work ethic.. but he has time to do his garden when he is feeling well and be with his family. He has also realised an ambition of owning a sports car.. its a second hand one of course but he it is such fun for him.. its good to see him living each day as positively as possible. He did have a hideous time on the last chemo as the needle leaked into his arm causing him incredible pain and another night in hospital on heavy morphine painkillers but he is back at home and starting to feel better.
I would be so grateful if you could include him on your healing list again.. I just wanted to let you know how things were going. He is very grateful for all the support and prayers everyone is sending... I feel it makes such a difference. thank you thank you.
Many thanks.. I hope this finds you well.
Kind regards
Kate Donnelly
Please add Camden (3) to the prayer list, he has leukemia and needs healing.
Mary:Would you please add Karen Cloninger to the prayer list. She has been on dialyses for a long while, she just received a kidney transplant. The Doctors think her body is rejecting the transplant cause her count keeps going up. She has cancer I think that is why she lost her kidneys in the first place. If you would please keep adding her to the list every day, it is the only chance she has. As we all know all is possible through Christ.God Bless;Rev. G.A.
i wanted to ask you Mary, if you can pray for my children. all of them adults...all of them with problems....please .....Lori, Amy Ruth, John Thomas, Daniel and anthony Michael.....please ask the Lord to guide them in their lives and help them make the right decisions....thank you Mary, rose
Please pray for Betsy's Aunt Marie to be healed, and for her cousin Bob Palmer (cancer) to be healed thank you so much.
Please pray daily for the people in Alvarado Apartments, for the deliverance from evil, pray also for Sharon who lives there. Also pray for a Christian buyer to purchase the apartments. Keep Susan in prayer too. Please pray for Brad and his sister Shannon's salvation, as well as another brother.
Pray daily for Jennifer who is suffering from depression and from anorexia, pray for her salvation.
Hi Mary
Thank you so much for your prayers. My mom was diagnosed with Lymphoma, which is cancer of the lymph nodes. The good news is that the Doctors say that the levels in her blood are low. This disease is also very much curable. Please keep us in your prayers. I know that God will get us through this.
Mary, Please add Robert Schutt to our daily Prayer request ,he is 44 years and has been diagnosed with throat cancer. He is also an alcoholic and is still drinking very heavily. Pray that God will touch him in some way and let him stop the liquor and also be with his family and friends as they go through this trial.In Jesus " name Patti
Please pray for Karen Rule, she has multiple physical problems, stemming from a hysterectomy a few years ago. She has been diagnosed with gastric stasis and has lost a lot of weight because of this condition.
Mary, please add this prayer request to the ongoing section of the prayer list:
I am asking for prayer for my godfather's salvation. He is not only unsaved. He is also the epitome of the image of Laodicea, people who are prideful, thinking they are rich when Jesus called them naked, blind, and wretched. I care very much for this man. Yet I know that just as for years my stubbornness and pride blocked me from hearing God's voice and being saved, so it is with this man. He was born into money and relies on that and not on God. I know that if the individual refuses to listen any other way, God has to completely break the person to get through the pride. I believe that this situation is that serious. I am grateful every day that God saved me, and I don't want my godfather to be lost for eternity. I am asking for God not to hold back, to do whatever it takes to get through to this man so that he can be saved. Please join with me in prayer for my godfather's salvation. I am also praying for salvation for my roommate Alan and my sister Deb and any other unsaved friends and family members. Thanks and may Jesus richly bless you for your kindness. Benjamin
Dear Mary, I would like to ask you to add my daughter Sharon and Justin Barnes back to the Prayer list. Mary, she is losing her home since my son-in -law passed away because she has no insurance and she is disabled and can't get a job.My grandson is graduating from school May 9th but he didn't have the money for his cap and gown so he won't get to walk across the stage but his diploma will be mailed to him. They have no income and she hasn't been approved for disability now. She has had surgery on her right shoulder and can't use her right arm except very little, diabetes and sugar runs from 200 to350 and400 all time, 4th,5th,6th disc is completely deteriorated and bone is sitting on sciatic nerve in her right side, she barely can walk and has no insurance to get meds. She goes to free clinic but is limited as to how much help she can get and right now they are desperate.please pray for them and ask the warriors to stand in prayer for Our Mighty Lord to step in and take over soon to give them some relief. Patti They have no money to find a place to live and she has to much business to leave the town where she lives and come here where I am especially Justin's school.
Please pray for these women in prison that the Lord will reach them through His faithful servants, thanks and God bless you.
Heather, Dawn, Anita, Shtunka (Marie), Candice, Velma, Tina,  Crystal, Felicia
Please pray for Adryanna's asthma to be healed, also pray for her brothers Spencer and Wade, for her parents Jessica and Clint (salvation), thanks and God bless, Mary
Please pray for Michelle Cygan (help with her sanity) and her mother Roses (arthritis and diabetes to be healed) for her dad Mike to cut down on or quit smoking and his diabetes to be healed. Please pray for her best friend Bubba to come back to Michelle and family, that they would all be closer. Keep her friends, Mave, Rich, Brittanie, Richie get through this difficult time in their lives. Pray for Mave's health issues. Pray that God's will is accomplished in Michelle's life, and also that the feud with the neighbors would come to an end. Thanks, and God bless you.

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Greetings from Malawi in the powerful yet tender Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Pastor Warner, would you stand with me in prayers, this morning around 4:00am Malawian local time I received a phone call from mother that my elder brother walked out of the house around 1:00am and never came back.
People are searching him but as of now they haven't found him. I heard that he was recently found HIV positive and he started ARV drugs. I don't what made him to work out and where he is now. We are praying that he should be found arive.
Stay blessed.
Praise God! Mary Lou did not have a heart attack. She spent the night in Mt. Carmel, this morning had a stress test, and has been released to her son's house for a couple days. Dr. Chitkara said she did not have a heart attack, but had what he called "an incident". Her pacemaker checked out OK, and he told her it is better to be checked out.
Thank you all for your prayers and to God be the glory!!.
Original Message:
There's a senior citizen named Mary Lou who was having lunch today and began to feel pressure and pain in her chest and shortness of breath. The squad was called and she was taken to the hospital. She has a pacemaker. Praying for healing and a good report!
mary thank you for posting my prayer. there are so many prayers to be prayed. after over 2 years of prayer, you along with me for alvaradoplace, i cant wait for the testimony on this property where i live. did i tell you God sent a fellow by the name of: steve cias, from the north side of town to come here? he is from grace baptist church and has been door knocking here. continue to pray for his presence on this property. it only takes one person with the spirit of god for breakthrough. we get breakthrough on this property! and what a witness to the rest of the multihousing, in the area. millions of peope to be reached from just one persons prayer and care. god is in this and again keep praying. sharon psalms 50;15 and cry out to me in times of trouble and i will deliverer thee and thou shalt glorify me.
Dear servant of God A. J. Warner,
Greetings from Kisii Kenya to you all hoping and trusting that you are doing fine in the Lord.l. Am very sad and wonder for what happen here in our home at night, I remember the Bible says that" the work of Satan is to steal, Destroy and to Kill, today morning, we wake up and get that the robbers come at night and destroy the water thank which used with orphans into peaces, not only our home but 5 home in our area, here in my place, we work up to 5kms to get water so it was easier for the orphans when we were using the thank which was 5,000liters. They remove the thank from our compound and take it near the church we are wondering on how they cut it.
They also went and steel two sacks of Maize and other things which used by children, right now the church and children are so worried, please we are kindly requesting you to pray for us by the time, we bought the thank at Ksh35,520 we have no any means but we trust in God, it will be difficult now for the orphans and even my family to be in darkness of getting water. please, share this request with your family and even church members.
God bless you and we are hoping to hear from you.
God bless you, please pray for us.
Pastor Damackyline. Wamboii
Melanie's friend Ellen is in need of prayer, she is pregnant and suffering greatly with morning sickness. Mel said that Ellen is already very underweight so please pray that this morning sickness subsides and that she will have a happy and healthy pregnancy.
PLease pray for Herman Dinges healing and salvation ====================================
Ritta Willis needs prayer for stomach problems she is having ever since breast surgery for cancer.
Also prayer for healing is needed for Jill Dishner who has back problems, her sister Lynn and Peggy Dishner all need physical healing. Mrs. Witt has heart problems and her son Randy also needs prayer for worry about his mother.
Ron needs healing from depression and also problems with infection in teeth.

Thought you all would like to see this list and give God some praise!!!
Since January, 2013 these are those we've received word that they are cancer free!
Deb Gelpi - Stage 4 Lymphoma - cancer free
Lee, prison inmate - Stage 4 - cancer free
Teresa's friend Teri - Breast cancer - cancer free
Rob Needles - Cancer Free
Ginger - Overian cancer - cancer free
Mikki Premel - Breast cancer - cancer free
Ferrari's girlfriend's Mom Pat - Breast cancer - cancer free
Ella's sister Bonnie - Cancer free
Shawn Kelley - Cancer free
Co-worker of Theresa Roof, Pat Kazee (sp) - Cancer free
2 Chronicles 7:14: If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.